Beeswax from certified organic beekeeping
Beeswax from certified organic beekeeping



Do it yourself: Beeswax for creative hobbyists who would like to make creams, candles or even beeswax cloths.

Quality promise:

Our beeswax is of course made from 100% pure organic beeswax from our beekeeping. The wax is not bleached or dyed and therefore has a natural color that can vary. In order to ensure and promise high quality, we do not leave any work step out of the hands of our family and do not buy any wax.

The Way of the Wax:

Our construction bees produce the beeswax to build honeycombs. There they store honey and pollen. In addition, the honeycombs are the bees' nursery. Here they grow from a small egg within 21 days with a lot of attention from the nurse bees.

It is essential for the health of bees to live on fresh, young honeycombs. They are eager to build new honeycombs and need space to do so. That's why we regularly remove the oldest honeycombs from the hive to give the bees space to create new honeycombs.

Inside our steam wax melter, the removed honeycombs are melted using steam. The liquid wax runs through a filter made of jute and cotton. We then clarify the beeswax in a water bath without any additives.

You can make many beautiful gifts for yourself and others from this wonderful raw material. 

  • certified organic 🍯
  • regional 🌻
  • handmade 🖐

Eco-control body number: DE-ÖKO-070


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