Organic honeycomb honey
Organic honeycomb honey


Traditional Berlin honeycomb honey for passionate gourmets

    The most natural way to enjoy the sweet gold of bees.

    The original Berlin honeycomb honey is collected in Berlin-Hermsdorf by our bees in the adjacent nature reserve and in the surrounding gardens.

    Quality promise:

    It is fundamentally important for us to offer special and high-quality honey. In order to ensure and promise high quality, we do not leave any work step out of the hands of our family.

    The Way of Honey 🐝❤️ 🍯 :

    Natural honeycomb honey is not subjected to any mechanical treatment apart from portioning with a sharp knife. It is stored and capped by the bees in virgin honeycombs. And that's how it's sold.

    We offer the honeycomb honey in one piece, as it comes from the bees' hive, and practically portioned in a jar.

    To ensure that the honey is not exposed to any dangers in the jar, we only use BPA-free lids.

    Our honey is a natural product, it is completely normal and a sign of quality that it becomes firmer over time.

    Storage instructions:

    cool, dark and dry ✔️


    If you would like to give yourself, your family, your friends or employees a special, sweet gift, we recommend purchasing our gift boxes. Like our bees' hives, these are made by hand from local wood. We consciously chose the Bergwinkel workshops as a partner because they offer disabled people a respectful workplace.

    • certified organic 🍯
    • regional 🌻
    • handmade 🖐

    Eco-control body number: DE-ÖKO-070


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