Berlin honey trip big
Berlin honey trip big Berlin honey trip big


You would like to invite yourself, your friends or your family to a honey trip.

Then this beautiful wooden box with 250g organic spring blossom honey, organic summer blossom honey, organic rapeseed blossom honey and 200g honeycomb honey is just the thing.

Quality promise:

It is fundamentally important for us to offer special and high-quality honey. In order to ensure and promise high quality, we do not leave any work step out of the hands of our family.

The Way of Honey 🐝❤️ 🍯 :

The bees give us the excess honey they have collected and we treat it with the greatest respect and care.

We carefully uncap the product by hand and carefully spin the honey out of the honeycombs.

It is neither ultra-highly filtered nor heated and thus retains the full power of nature.

In order to exclude any adulteration of the honey, for example through conventional storage in plastic buckets, we only store it in food-safe stainless steel vats. This is where the valuable enzymes develop.

Our honey is a natural product, it is completely normal and a sign of quality that it becomes firmer over time.

To ensure that the honey is not exposed to any dangers in the jar, we only use BPA-free lids.

Storage instructions:

cool, dark and dry ✔️


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